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Young Learners Pack: Money Genius, Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit, Alphabet Cards

Young Learners Pack: Money Genius, Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit, Alphabet Cards

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Introducing the Young Learners Pack – a delightful collection designed to ignite the curiosity and foster the growth of young minds aged 3 to 10 years old tailored to provide hours of interactive learning and bonding opportunities for both adult and children. 

Product details

1. Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit
With the Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit, children embark on a journey of numerical discovery while honing their fine motor skills with tactile learning. Immerse your little ones in the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia with this unique set that preserves the essence of the traditional Batu Seremban game while fostering a love for learning.

2. The Money Genius Card Game offers a playful introduction to financial literacy, teaching financial terms in a fun and accessible way. 2 ways to play, for the young ones as matching games or advanced version like "Uno" for Finance literacy!

3. Our 27- Alphabet Cards with positive affirmations inspire creativity and confidence as families bond through heartfelt written postcards.

Enrich your family time with the Young Learners Pack and watch as your little ones blossom into confident, lifelong learners.

What you will get

x10 Batu Seremban Stones (Pebble stones)
x19 Cards (Include number cards, problem solving cards, illustrations, and symbol cards)
x 1 Cloth pouch
x1 Money Genius Card Game
x1 Alphabet Cards (27 pieces of A6 Sized Ivory Cards)

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