The Malaysian Card Game Trio Bundle

Introducing the ultimate 3-in-1 card game bundle that encapsulates the essence of Malaysia's spirit, culinary delights, and dreams.

Don't miss out on this exceptional bundle that celebrates Malaysia's unity, dreams, and flavours. Free Shipping applies.

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The only parenting card game you need.

Compete to raise the most fulfilled child by playing actions and adopting different
strategies based on your child's personality!

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Why The Nurts?

We want to encourage nurturers, who are mainly people that care deeply about personal and child development. We want to empower individuals
of all ages to unlock their full potential by
embracing lifelong learning and nurturing growth.

Nurts (inspired from the word nurture) creates thoughtfully designed products to help you realize a more fulfilling life and nurture development. We are dedicated to provide interactive solutions, content, and a supportive community.

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