New & Updated Money Genius Card Game.

Gorgeous, glossy packaging. Updated manual.

Same amazing ability to teach basic financial terms in a fun and effortless way.

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Celebrate Love with our limited edition Heart-To-Heart gift bundles.

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Bond-lah! For those precious moments of joy:

Bond-Lah! The Brand New Card Game Trio is here

This card game trio will foster connected moments and build relationships. Whether you're looking for a warm and cosy time with Heart-To-Heart, a fast and laughter filled game with CHUP-LAH!, or a competitive strategy game like The Nurts: Parenting Made Fun Card Game, we've got all your bonding moments covered.

Perfect for playing with: Friends, Family, Colleagues, and even people you just met!


A World of Edu Kits Awaits.

Kids adore our edu kits collection - they get to dive into all sorts of sensory and imaginative play, work on their motor skills, and learn about our amazing world. Take your pick - mix and match your way to Edu Kits heaven!

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Why The Nurts?

To Nurture is to encourage the development of something or someone. At The Nurts, we create and curate tools to learn, play, and nurture. Bridging the conventional learning gap, our tools focus on the power of learning through play, as well as promote family bonding.

We want to encourage nurturers, who are mainly people that care deeply about personal and child development. We are dedicated to provide interactive solutions, content, and a supportive community.

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