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A Parent's Promise

A Parent's Promise

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A book for parents and children to bond over, A Parent's Promise is a heartwarming narration of the various roles parents play in their children's lives. 

We fully encourage parents to take this as an opportunity to discuss each promise in deeper depth to both establish a learning relationship as well as ensure that the child develops a more complete understanding of the commitment and emotions that are being communicated - beyond just words on pages.

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34 pages including front and back cover. This book is a hardcover book with matte lamination cover.

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x1 Hard cover A Parent's Promise book

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From companionship to safety, serving as a role model to being their biggest fans...

  • Reading this book together affirms your unconditional love that whatever life may bring - they will always be loved.
  • Provide a safe space for parents and children to talk about their feelings and experiences. The book can also help parents understand their child's perspective and how their child is feeling.
  • Learn about each other's roles and responsibilities. This book teaches children about your roles as a parent.

Create lasting memories that will bond parents and children for years to come. These memories can help to strengthen your relationship and provide a source of comfort and support.

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"There’s a Children’s Book That Teaches Parents How to Make Heartfelt Promises."