The Nurts Creator Programme

Your creation, our platform. Bursting with an amazing, exciting product idea but have no idea how to sell it? We nurture creators and help you get your tools out on the market and into buyers' hands, pain-free.

  • You retain full ownership, forever

    You retain full ownership of your intellectual property (IP). We're committed to getting your tool out on the market while supporting your creator journey and recognising your efforts.

  • Effective cost-sharing with project management support

    A mutual financial investment into the success of your tool. You'll be responsible for the production costs, and we will handle project management, marketing and distribution, including cross-channel promotion and sales.

  • Your tools, exclusively available on our channels

    As one of our creators, you get access to a broad audience reach. We have online and offline channels, including through our website, marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada, social media platforms, and on-the-ground events.

  • Full marketing support & strong visibility

    Promoting your tool on your own can be very hard work for little reward. Benefit from being part of our promotional campaigns, social media exposure, and collaboration events. Gain strong market visibility while leaving the work to us.

  • 0% Listing Fees and Transparent revenue sharing

    Once accepted into our Creator Programme, we will enter into an agreement which will outline our revenue-sharing model. You will receive regular sales performance reports and prompt payments for sales generated through our channels.

  • Be a part of a vibrant, creative community

    Our Creator Programme is not just a platform to sell your tools, but to help you connect, learn from, and share experiences with other amazing creators. They are individuals who are bursting with zest for life and creativity - and you have so much to contribute as well!

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Creator Testimonial

Shin Yin, creator of The Money Genius Card Game, offers her perspective on how collaborating with The Nurts has helped her reach more buyers than she ever dreamed possible. Currently, the game has sold 200+ units and counting, and is on its second edition with updated, more premium packaging.

In her own words:

"I initially planned to print just 20 sets to give out as gifts at my daughter's birthday party. I never imagined I would be doing a second edition!" - SY

Check out SY's opinion about working with us!

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