Game Setup

1. Shuffle & Distribute Wild Cards

Shuffle the Wild Cards deck and distribute the number of cards per game according to the no. of players.

  • 2. Draw 3 Background Cards

    Choose 1 and place your card face up.

  • 3. Draw 3 Asset Cards

    Place them face up for each player to see.

  • 4. Draw 1 Child Personality Card

    Read rules but do not reveal to other players.

  • 5. Draw 7 Action Cards

    Each player draws 7 Action Cards to their hand. Note: Some Background cards may allow more action cards in hand.

Taking your turn

1. Open 1 Wild Card

At the start of each round, open 1 Wild Card. Rules apply for all players.

  • πŸ’‘ Use the Start Here card as a guide for the start of each turn.

2. Play Action Cards and/or buy up to 1 Asset Card

Play as many cards per turn as your resources allow. Asset Cards can only be bought after all actions card have been played.

  • πŸ’‘ Assets acquired do not affect your current turn. After acquiring each asset, draw another Asset Card from the deck and place it face up. There should always be 3 Asset Cards visible.

3. Discard 1 Action Card per round

4. Draw new Action Cards

Make sure you always have at least 7 Action Cards in hand.

5. Game Over

The game ends after the last Wild Card is played and you no longer have any Wild Cards to draw.

  • Scoring

    Each Action Card played is worth 1 point by default including Multi-Category action cards. On top of that, apply any multipliers based on your child's personality or assets that you own at the end of the game.

  • The Wild Card

    A new Wild Card is open at the start of every turn. Background characters with unique Wild Card abilities may use them only during their turn. Characters may replace the current Wild Card by drawing from the unused pile of Wild Cards.

  • Time & Cash Resources

    Your Background Card states the number of Time & Cash resources you have. Acquire as many Asset Cards to collect more resources as an investment throughout the game to help you gain an advantage and earn more points!

  • Skip Player

    You can also play the Skip Player Asset Card as 1 time use only & passed on to the player on your left after playing this card. You may not skip the same player twice in the game.

  • Discard

    You may discard up to 1 Action Card per round. If you missed the discard round, you may not discard until the next round. Reshuffle the discard pile without viewing the cards if you need more Action Cards.

  • Double or Triple Points

    Points can be added on from your Asset Cards on top of your Child Personality's scoring multiplier. E.g. Double points for Social action Asset card can be added on to 2x points for Social action if the player has the Sociable Child Personality card.

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