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BonDing - A Science-Themed Card Game

BonDing - A Science-Themed Card Game

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A science-themed card game - for Kids Ages 4 and Up!

BonDing is designed to ignite curiosity and foster a love for Chemistry and science. It is so simple that everyone can play. Kids can get a tangible understanding of chemistry through discovery. BonDing offers a hands-on approach to learning that textbooks can't provide.

Be the fastest player to collect cute elements by using chemical bonds to win! 

Product details

It’s a versatile learning tool that can be used at home, school, or social gatherings.

This captivating card game introduces kids 4 and up to the world of chemistry in a thrilling and interactive way. With two versatile modes - Classic for newcomers, Competitive for those seeking a challenge, and a Memory Game for little ones - BonDing evolves with your child's learning journey.

Complicated Chemistry concepts are broken down into enjoyable game elements. BonDing offers a hands-on learning experience that textbooks simply can't provide. Your child will get a tangible understanding of Chemistry through discovery, making learning engaging and memorable.

What you will get

x1 unit of BonDing card game
Dimension: 16*9*2.5cm
Total Number of Cards: 126pcs [Yellow Orange Deck:28 | Purple Deck:79 | Type of Bond: 1 | Power Cards:18]
Rulebook : 1 pc

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  • Learn While Having Fun

    Say goodbye to boring textbooks! BonDing turns Chemistry into an enjoyable adventure, making learning playful and exciting.

  • Engage and Connect

    Build bonds as strong as covalent ones! BonDing brings friends and family closer through fun gameplay and memorable moments.

  • Enhance Cognitive Skills

    Develop critical thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving abilities while immersing yourself in the world of Chemistry.