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4-in-1 Speed Memory Learning Cards

4-in-1 Speed Memory Learning Cards

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These learning cards deck contains 2 sets of the 26 ABC flashcards – a total of
52 cards – making it possible to play a game of memory and match-up!

A concentration game that exercises your kid’s short-term memory, this simple game makes learning the alphabet fun and dynamic. It encourages your kid to recognise and notice similarities and differences between the cards. And it’s easy to play!

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These beautiful cards by Lou Lou James' was illustrated by Brian L, with a total of 52 pieces each thoughtfully hand-drawn and illustrated with not just one alphabet and a character, but playfully added along with an additional object for creative thinking too!

How To Play?
1. Choose how many matching pairs of cards you’d like to use in the game (you can start with just 2 pairs!)
2. Shuffle and place the cards face down.
3. Let your child flip a card open and leave that card facing up.
4. Let your child flip a second card: If the cards match, remove them from the set; if they don’t match, turn both cards face down again.
5. Repeat until all cards are paired!

Multi-way Play:
Identify & recognize:
1. Colours
2. Animals
3. Objects

Creative Storytelling:
Spark your child’s imagination by building one sentence stories around these elements and see
how creativity and imaginative storytelling can keep your kid engaged in learning new things!

What you will get

4-in-1 Speed Memory Learning Cards includes:
- A to Z Phonics & Reading
- 12 Solid Colours Recognition
- 26 Animal Characters
- 26 Objects Feature

Box: 23cm L *3cm H
Card size: 10cm *14.5cm

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