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Parent-Child Bonding Set

Parent-Child Bonding Set

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Strengthen the parent-child connection with this ultimate bundle for bonding.

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This perfect bonding pair includes a book for parents and children to read together: A Parent's Promise is a heartwarming narration of the various roles parents play in their children's lives.

Provide a safe space for parents and children to talk about their feelings and experiences. The book can also help parents understand their child's perspective and how their child is feeling.

Learn about each other's roles and responsibilities. This book teaches children about your roles as a parent.

In this pair, you will also enjoy the "Alphabet of Love" affirmation cards, where you can leave heartfelt messages behind each card, creating cherished time capsules filled with your love and encouragement.

What you will get

x1 A Parent's Promise Hard cover book
x1 Set of Alphabets Affirmation cards (27 pieces)

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