Testimonial from a Child Educator

On A Parent's Promise:
"Using 'A Parent's Promise' from The Nurts has made my teaching more interesting. It helps students learn about family love in a way that's easy for them to get. This book is a big help in my job as a teacher."

On the value of play-based learning:
"Play-based learning is really good for my students. When we use games and fun activities, I notice that they pay more attention and join in more. They think better and are more curious during play. For example, they ask a lot of questions and talk more about themselves when we play games. Games also make them want to learn more because they're having fun."

- Mah Hui Xin, Founder of DeXin Children

  • Unique, play-based learning tools

    We offer an array of high-quality tools designed to make learning enjoyable and effective. From interactive games to hands-on activities, our platform utilises play as a powerful educational tool, engaging users of all ages in immersive learning experiences.

  • Bridging gaps in conventional learning

    Our tools are strategically crafted to bridge traditional learning gaps, addressing critical topics such as financial literacy, parenting skills, emotional intelligence. Whether it's mastering money management or enhancing parenting techniques, our tools provide practical solutions to real-world challenges.

  • One-stop platform

    Say goodbye to juggling multiple resources. Our platform serves as a comprehensive one-stop destination for all your learning needs. Whether you're looking to enhance child development skills for your students or encourage professional and personal growth for your employees, our diverse range of play-based tools caters to individuals of all ages and interests.

  • Personalised collaboration opportunities

    We offer various collaboration opportunities that suit your unique needs. From personalised corporate gifts, to co-creating specialised tools with you, to running play-based learning programmes, we have you covered.

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