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Mixing Magic Kit

Mixing Magic Kit

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It’s time for a little magic! Watch chemical reactions make the colour disappear, turn glue into slime and blow up balloons!

Suitable for kids ages 5 and up.

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You’ll receive a Playbook on how to identify chemical reactions as well as the materials and ingredients you need to complete the activities.

1 : Vanishing Colour
Watch the wonder as some bleach makes the color vanish. If that doesn’t do the trick, we’ve a little magic powder you can sprinkle in.

2 : How to Blow a Balloon Without Blowing It
Every child’s favorite intro to Science. Just mix a little baking soda and vinegar and watch the balloon fill up with little gas bubbles.

3 : Slime Factory
It’s time to personalize your slime. Add in your favorite ingredients for some pretty cool slime – crunchy slime and scary slime are our favorites.

Other activities : Acid or Alkaline
Test different ingredients you can find at home with litmus paper to see if they’re acidic or alkaline.

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x1 Mixing Magic Kit

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