Welcome to The Nurts! It all started with two questions...

"How do we share the fact that there is no one way to parent and that we can raise a fulfilled child within our means? How do we simulate the actual decision making and thought process that comes with being a parent?"

That's how The Nurts Card Game was born, funded on Kickstarter, successfully launched, and the rest as they say, was history.

Meet Rachel, our founder and CEO.

Some trivia: She's an e-commerce whiz, who spent over a decade in the startup and corporate field, including in Shopee, Loreal, and Nuffnang, before deciding to build The Nurts!

Fun Fact: Did You Know?

Our www.thenurts.com domain was bought some 7 years ago before she finally took the leap after becoming a mom of 3 - this platform was born out of her long cherished passion for nurturing collective development.

With The Nurts Card Game, came the dream of building a community of NURTurers, people who cared deeply about personal growth and child development. 

"The Nurts was driven by my desire to enrich lives in a meaningful way. Being a working mom, I understood that while parents wholeheartedly nurture their children's learning and growth, they also deserve the space to nurture their own fulfillment and personal development.

"At The Nurts, we create tools that I personally embrace, helping me turn this dream into a reality for both adults and children alike. Join me on this journey where we learn, grow, and nurture together."

- Rachel

Our Mission & Vision


    We create and curate meaningful experiences that enable the nurturing of fulfilled lives.


    A world where we develop collectively through one another, leading to more fulfilled communities.

Our Values


Commitment to Quality & Innovation

We aim to create & curate high-quality tools that meet your evolving needs. From a child learning basic life skills and exploring the world around them, to adults wanting to grow and thrive in their personal journey and relationships with others.


Providing Quality Interactive Experiences:

Immersive, enjoyable and meaningful hands-on experiences that make learning a joy. Science has shown that humans - of all ages! - benefit from learning through play.


Cultivating A Learning Mindset

Continuous learning is an essential component of all our offerings, to help you develop personally and interpersonally.

We truly believe one of the most beautiful parts of getting to be alive, is our ability to keep learning, evolving, and transforming into better and better versions of ourselves.


Nurturing Growth

We recognise that everyone has their own special journey and life path. Whether you're on a mission to get to know yourself better, work on your relationships, navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood - we aim to be a valuable resource to nurture your growth.

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