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The Nurts Card Game: Parenting Gamified!

  • Suitable for kids all the way to adults - everyone wants to be crowned "Best Parent"!

    A strategy-based card game with a unique twist - compete to become the best parent and raise the most fulfilled child! How? Play the most action cards that suit your child's personality.

  • Decisions, decisions - Use Asset Cards to Maximise Your Resources!

    You can't have it all - or can you? Buy Asset Cards wisely and use them to reduce your money and time cost so you can play more Action Cards with your child. The right strategy will win you the game!

  • Strategise based on YOUR Background & Child's Personality Cards

    Game play is always different for every game because of the different combination of Background and Child Personality Cards. Are you a busy software developer who is raising a little Foodie?

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