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The Money Genius Card Game

The Money Genius Card Game

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The fun way to introduce basic financial terms.

Our fast-paced card matching game helps kids to learn basic financial terms through play! This deck contains 52 cards, a game manual & full glossary of terms (QR code).

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The Money Genius Card Game is a perfect way to introduce kids to basic financial terms. With engaging game play, they will learn about income, spending, saving, and credit in a fun and interactive way.

Targeted at kids, parents and teachers, the Money Genius game covers the essential topics of income, spending, saving and credit. Suitable for children 7+ and above.

Both parents and teachers can use the game to help children become financially literate and competitively win the game!

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What you will get

Total of 52 cards in a set:
x 44 Action Cards
x 8 Wild Cards
x 1 Game Manual inclusive of QR Code for How to Play

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Featured on SAYS

Malaysian Mum Creates Fun Card Game To Teach Kids About Personal Finance. The deck contains 54 cards, a game manual, and a full glossary of terms.

Shin Yin believes that financial literacy is a crucial life skill that empowers children to make informed decisions about money as they grow up.

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The Importance of Financial Literacy for Kids

  • Financial literacy is a crucial life skill that empowers children to make informed decisions about money as they grow. By introducing these concepts early on, we set the foundation for a lifetime of financial well-being.
  • Money Genius doesn't just teach numbers; it instils a mindset of financial responsibility and fosters a positive attitude towards managing resources.
  • Real Money Terms

    Learn how to understand money in all its forms - from digital wallets, cash, budgeting, assets vs liabilities, and the magic of compound interest. Help your kids understand real life applications - such as inflation, expenses, taxes, utilities, and rainy day savings.

  • Learn Through Play

    Children learn best when they’re having fun! Grasp fundamental financial concepts while having a blast - card matching also helps boost memory skills, enhances visual recognition, and improves concentration.

  • Promotes Communication

    Designed to be interactive, the game requires careful observation and encourages conversations. Kids also learn healthy competition, and get to work on their social skills while spending important bonding time with family.