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Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit

Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit

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Introducing our Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit, a captivating blend of tradition and modern education designed for children aged 2-8 years old. Immerse your little ones in the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia with this unique set that preserves the essence of the traditional Batu Seremban game while fostering a love for learning.

Watch as your child discovers the joy of numbers, engages in interactive play through tactile and visual learning, and connects with their cultural heritage. Note: Colour of the pouch will be fulfilled at random, subject to ready stocks.


Product details

1. Cultural Connection:
Bridge the past and present, creating a cultural connection as children engage in the traditional Batu Seremban game while learning essential mathematical skills.
2. Tactile and Visual Learning:
Utilize the tactile nature of Batu Seremban stones to enhance both tactile and visual learning, providing a holistic educational experience.
3. Creative Exploration:
Foster creativity as children explore different combinations of numbers and symbols, making learning an exciting and imaginative journey.
4. Parent-Child Bonding:
Promote quality family time as parents and children come together to preserve tradition and foster a love for learning.

Make Learning Irresistible:
Our Batu Seremban Count & Play Kit not only transforms learning into an irresistible adventure but also ensures the preservation of a cherished Malaysian tradition. Order your kit today and embark on a magical journey of counting, play, and tradition!

What you will get

x10 Batu Seremban Stones (Pebble stones)
x19 Cards (Include number cards, problem solving cards, illustrations, and symbol cards)
x 1 Cloth pouch
Dimensions: 14cm (L) x 15cm (W) x 3cm (D)

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