Nurturing Effective Communication in Early Childhood

Nurturing Effective Communication in Early Childhood

Communicating with young children can be challenging. Toddlers are still developing their language skills and learning how to express themselves. Parents must play an essential role in nurturing their communication skills and bonding with them. We are going to explore effective ways to communicate with children below 3 years old so that you can connect with your little one more effectively.

1. Using simple language

As toddlers are still developing their language skills, parents are encouraged to use simple language and avoid over-talking. Rather than a long explanation about a particular task, make it simple and short. Just say “Lunchtime” or “Let’s play” and save the description for yourself first and explain to your child when they ask about it. When talking to your child, it also helps for us to get down to their level, have eye contact and an open body language to make them feel safer.

2. Play together

Play is an essential tool for parents to have skillful communication. Children are going to develop their language skills and express their feelings or emotions more effectively. Dramatic play is a type of activity that can empower their language skills as they need to create a storyline, plot, characters and also emotions. This will enhance their vocabulary and teach them to put together sentences.

Card games are also useful for children to develop communication skills. Not only do they learn logical thinking, but they can also get creative with the ways to use the cards too. The Nurts card game, for example, gets children to use them as educational cards by playing match the category, occupations and I spy! 

3. Read together

Reading a book with your little ones can be one of the ways to connect and build stronger bond with them. Let your child choose the books that they are more interested in and we can get their attention. Reading books at an early age also promotes early literacy and draws their interest in reading. We don’t need to wait until bedtime to read books together, day time can be a fun thing to do too!

Communicating with young children is an important aspect of creating a stronger bond, building positive relationships and fostering their development. Understanding our child’s communication styles can benefit them to improve language skills and also build confidence and resilience. 



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