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Ultimate Kids Game Pack

Ultimate Kids Game Pack

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Introducing the Ultimate Game Pack for Kids, a delightful combination of educational and entertaining card games designed to ignite your child's financial savvy, nurture their science skills, and provide hours of family fun! 

This thoughtfully curated bundle includes 3 card games: The Nurts card game, Money Genius, and BonDing. Get the Ultimate Game Pack now and satisfy their craving for strategic fun, hands-on science, and financial know-how - all in one amazing package!

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It is not only a fantastic gift for your children but also a wonderful addition to your family's game collection. Suitable for ages 4 and above.

It combines fun, education, and quality time, offering a well-rounded experience that benefits kids and parents alike. Get ready to embark on a journey of learning, laughter, and connection with this exciting bundle!

In "The Nurts card game," young players can take on the challenge of raising the happiest and most successful children to out-parent their opponents. With strategic gameplay, it's up to kids to figure out the best approach and create their own path to success.

"BonDing" introduces the magical world of chemistry in a simple and engaging way. Kids can discover the joy of hands-on learning as they collect adorable elements by using chemical bonds. Be the fastest player to claim victory in this fun-filled game!

"The Money Genius" is an interactive card game designed to teach kids about the basics of financial terms. From income and spending to saving and credit, players will be introduced to financial terms and concepts while having a blast.

What you will get

x1 The Nurts Card Game
x1 Money Genius
x1 BonDing Card Game

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Triple the Fun!

As parents, we know you're constantly on the lookout for ways to enrich your children's lives while having a blast. That's where the Ultimate Kids Game Pack comes in. This pack includes:

1. The Nurts Card Game: Unleash Your Strategy Challenge your child's strategic thinking and sharpen their math skills with Nurts. Outsmart your opponents, take calculated risks, and make decisions.

2. BonDing Science Game: Learn Chemistry Get a hands-on learning experience that textbooks simply can't provide. Your child will get a tangible understanding of Chemistry through discovery. Be the fastest player to collect cute elements by using chemical bonds to win! 

3. The Money Genius: Develop Financial Literacy It is the perfect way to teach kids basic financial terms. A quick and easy card matching game!

  • Boost math skills and promote friendly competition

    Say goodbye to math anxiety! The Nurts Card Game turns learning into a friendly competition. Watch your child take initiative, make decisions, and strategise to win.

  • Nurtures play-based learning for better retention

    Say goodbye to boring textbooks! BonDing transforms complicated chemistry concepts into enjoyable game elements, making learning engaging and memorable.

  • Empower kids with knowledge about basic financial terms

    Teaching kids about money has never been this fun. Money Genius isn't just a game; it's a financial adventure! It introduces basic financial terms to your children while they have a blast playing match the cards!

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