The Malaysian Card Game Trio

Embark on a remarkable journey through the heart and soul of Malaysia's vibrant culture and diverse tastes.

Introducing the ultimate 3-in-1 card game bundle that encapsulates the essence of Malaysia's spirit, culinary delights, and dreams.

What's Included in the Bundle

1. The Nurts Card Game: Unleash Your Strategy Dive into the world of The Nurts card game, where you play the role of a parent raising a fulfilled child! Outsmart your opponents, take calculated risks, and make decisions. Explore the exciting dynamics of a classic parenting card game with a local twist.

2. The Malaysian Dreams: Dreams Unveiled Experience an interactive card game where you can sabotage, complain, and pay your way to be the perfect Malaysian! Have fun and keep going until the Dreams run out, the Player with the most Dreams wins!

3. Nasi Lemak The Game: Culinary Showdown Step into the bustling world of Nasi Lemak, where you become a Nasi Lemak stall owner aiming to create the most tantalizing packs of this beloved Malaysian delicacy. Collect ingredients, trade, strategize, and compete against friends to satisfy customers' cravings and emerge as the ultimate Nasi Lemak provider.

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Why Choose the 3-in-1 Bundle

  • Unite Malaysia's Diversity: Immerse yourself in Malaysia's rich culture, dreams, and culinary heritage through three distinct card games created locally by Malaysians.
  • Engage in Variety: From strategic challenges to dream exploration and culinary showdowns, this bundle offers a variety of gameplay experiences for all preferences.
  • Quality Malaysian Craftsmanship: All three games are proudly Malaysian-made, showcasing the nation's talent and creativity.
  • Perfect for All Ages: Whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to card games, this bundle offers accessible yet engaging gameplay suitable for players of all ages.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Create lasting memories with friends and family as you embark on these unique gaming adventures together.

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Limited-Time Only Don't miss out on this exceptional bundle that celebrates Malaysia's unity, dreams, and flavours.

Limited quantities are available, so secure your bundle now and experience the magic of Malaysia's diverse card game world!

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About Nasi Lemak The Game


Set in a far-away village where Nasi Lemak, a traditional Malaysian delicacy, is highly sought after, players assume the roles of Nasi Lemak stall owners and compete to make the most packs of Nasi Lemak. Through collecting ingredients, trading, and utilizing action cards strategically, players aim to reach five Nasi Lemak packs or have the most packs by the end of the game. With its unique theme and engaging gameplay, Nasi Lemak offers an enjoyable and competitive experience for players as they strive to satisfy their customers' cravings.