Unlock the power of emotional intelligence with our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Edu Kit, co-created with trusted educators from the Ace EdVenture Group of International Schools.

Created for kids aged 2 and up, this kit is a wonderful way to kick start their journey into the world of emotions, self-discovery, and meaningful connections.

Why Get Our Emotional Intelligence (EI) Edu Kit?

14 Engaging Activities:

  • 14 Engaging Activities: Including interactive worksheets, emotion flash cards, story cards, and games. Each activity is crafted to captivate your child's imagination while instilling essential EI skills.

3-in-1 Learning Pillars:

  • Our edu kit focuses on three core pillars of emotional intelligence: Self, Family, and Friends. Help children express their own emotions, build empathy within the family, and develop healthy relationships with friends.

Co-Created with Education Experts:

  • Our EI Edu Kit is proudly co-created with Studio E, the R&D arm of Ace EdVenture Group of International Schools – the visionary minds behind Sri Emas, Dwi Emas, Lil Unicorn, MIT Stem & Biosphere.
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Emotional Intelligence (EI) Edu Kit

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Edu Kit

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This Emotional Intelligence (EI) Edu Kit includes 14 hands-on activities to help children develop critical EI skills in their childhood years.

Use this kit to nurture these skills in an engaging, fun, and interactive way via emotion flash cards, puppet play, games, stories, and activity worksheets.

Product details

Harness the power of play-based learning to build a strong EI foundation that will set children up for success in life!

Contains 14 activities, including interactive worksheets, flash cards, story cards, and games. Each activity is crafted to captivate your child's imagination while instilling essential EI skills.

Contains 3-in-1 EI Learning Pillars: Self, Family, and Friends. Your child will learn to understand and express their own emotions, build empathy within the family, and develop healthy relationships with friends.

Self Pillar: Self-Awareness, Perceiving Emotions, Self-Regulation & Coping Skills
Family Pillar: Practising Gratitude & Maintaining Positive Relationships
Friends Pillar: Empathy, Active Listening & Social Skills

What you will get

Edu Kit content:
x11 A4 Sheets of activities
x16 Emotion Flash cards
x12 A6 Story cards
x4 Paper puppet
x4 Ice cream sticks
x1 A Parent's Promise book
x1 Emotional first aid kit poster
x1 A5 emotion sticker sheet
x1 Emotion Flash Card overview
x1 Brad

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The Crucial Role of Emotional Intelligence as Your Child Grows

  • Sets a Healthy Emotional Foundation: Building healthy and positive relationships with peers, teachers, and family members.
  • Equips Children to Handle Conflict: Communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and collaborate with others, setting the stage for positive social interactions throughout their lives.
  • Contributes to well-rounded development: EI plays a pivotal role in academic achievement, social interactions, and the cultivation of well-rounded, emotionally resilient individuals.
  • Self, Family, and Friends-Themed EI Worksheets

    Kids will learn to identify and recognise emotions in themselves and perceive emotions in others that will have a lifelong benefit to them.

  • Family Bonding Activities

    Use our family bonding book 'A Parent's Promise' and worksheets to nurture EI values such as practising gratitude and maintaining positive relationships.

  • Story Cards for Empathy Building

    12 story cards to take your child through various scenarios that evoke different emotions. Designed for repeated interactive use to create opportunities to talk about important values.

  • Flash Cards for a Rich Emotional Vocabulary

    16 flash cards to distinguish a spectrum of emotions from positive to negative. They can be used as game materials in some worksheets, as well as on their own. Each flash card contains the emotion's English name and definition, as well as its Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia name.

  • Games for Social Skills

    The Edu Kit contains fun and entertaining activities that can be played with parents, siblings, and friends. Engage in games that promote teamwork, communication, active listening, and conflict resolution.

  • Comprehensive Manual

    Find clear instructions on how to use each activity, along with discussion pointers when relevant, to enhance the EI values being taught in each worksheet. The manual has three distinct borders in keeping with the theme: Self (cream), Family (green), and Friends (purple). These borders match their corresponding worksheets for easy reference.

About Studio E by Ace Edventure Group of International Schools

Studio E, the research and development arm of the Ace EdVenture Group of International Schools, is at the forefront of educational innovation, championing cognitive flexibility in children.

Under the leadership of Erica Tham, co-founder of the Ace EdVenture Group of International Schools and head of Studio E, this pioneering division is redefining learning by emphasising imagination, curiosity, and empathy.

Photo: The Nurts founder Rachel Tan (right) with Studio E CEO Erica Tham (left)

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