5 Reasons Why The Nurts Card Game is So Useful

5 Reasons Why The Nurts Card Game is So Useful

When we conducted the playtest, 100% said they would recommend this game to friends and loved ones. 

When is this game good for? Here are some ideas:

1. Family Gatherings

Avoid making small talks, learn and discover each others' parenting skills instead. Enjoy a good laugh (that's less awkward!). You don't need to be a parent to play it, everyone has their own way and strategy with "raising" little ones. Break a leg! And bring out the snacks to have some fun!

2. The Nurts Card Game as a Gift

Wondering what you can get for a friend, a newly wed, or loved one? Instead of spending on overpriced flowers or chocolates, spice things up and surprise your friends or loved ones with this thoughtful game. It is not only fun but educational, we bet they would learn a thing or two!

3. Parents' Night In or Date Nights

Finally got a break from work? Enjoy date night and get a good laugh over your different parenting styles! 

For singles, we heard some get a sense of each others' parenting likes and dislikes while playing the game. Lots of discussions about what the future holds!

4. Game Night or Singles' Night Out!

Are you a parent material and can you out-parent each other? Let's find out!

Gather a group of friends over and play some game to unwind. Discover what it's like to raise kids with limited time and resources. Get a glimpse of what this whole parenting thing is about! (Note: Lots of questions and sometimes discussions may pop out while playing the game!)


5. Educational Cards for the Little Ones

Did you know? These cards double as educational cards and content for the little ones too.

Learn about occupations, food, musical instruments, buildings, and many more through our beautiful illustrations. We love how versatile these cards are!

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