Nurture your mother-child bond.

This Mother's Day, celebrate the incredibly special bond between mothers and their loved ones with our curated collection of heartfelt gifts. Whether you're shopping for your own mom, a cherished mother figure, or a dear friend, our collection offers thoughtful and meaningful gifts to honour the amazing women in your life.

Featured Tool: Heart-To-Heart Cards

Looking for a heartwarming gift that mum will truly appreciate? Heart-To-Heart gives her the gift of getting to have rich, meaningful conversations with her favourite people on earth.

She'll get to recall precious memories, share her wisdom through reflection-themed prompts, and give you a deeper insight of her motivations, desires, and emotions.

Truly a gift that every mother will love - now in 3 wonderful gift sets below.

Introducing 3 Wonderful Gift Sets for Mum

#1 Good Vibes Gift Box: To Pamper & Uplift Her Spirits

Mum will adore this gift bundle - it has 8x uniquely scented tea light candles that will soothe and pamper her senses and little thoughtful touches to make home even more beautiful.

Create the perfect ambience as she settles in for a cosy round of Heart-To-Heart with family.

A special limited edition gift set with Candle Pit Stop.

#2 Warmth of Love Duo: Keep her heart & feet warm

If your mum is one of those who can't live without socks, this set will put a smile on her face. Our cute 'cosy heart' socks will keep her snug and warm, as she goes about her day. Comes in a beautifully wrapped gift box.

#3 Bestsellers Card Game Duo: For the fun-loving mum

If your mum adores games and is always up for a good time, this is the perfect gift set that she'll be using time and again. It's the perfect combination of cosy, meaningful conversations, and fun competition with a uniquely local twist.

  • High-quality themed prompts

    The cards will stimulate LOTS of quality conversations - it will encourage you to reflect on your life's journey thus far, enjoy wild flights of imagination, and help you to recall fond memories that you haven't thought of in ages.

  • 2 awesome ways to play

    Whether as a party game or just for some quality time, the cards can be used however suits the situation! There's no pressure to finish all the cards in one sitting - although you might not want to stop once the sharing starts to flow.

  • Universal content - suitable for all ages

    Every single card has been thoughtfully curated so that it can be played by ANYONE. Yes, from a five-year-old to your 90-year-old grandma, they are going to thoroughly enjoy themselves!